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SWEDX is a Swedish company which started its activities in 1995. In the year of 2000 we started the project of developing and manufacturing TFT-LCD monitors embedded in natural wood.

We presented our new products in the CeBIT 2002 Fair in Hanover, Germany, and the exhibition was a success and gave a huge interest for our following products. SWEDX's head office is located in Spånga, north of Stockholm.

The concept of SWEDX is to create and develop unique products of natural character, optimal design and features, that doesn't affect with our environment. This is achieved by combining quality, performance, ergonomics and design.

SWEDX aim is to bring more personal feelings, warm materials and natural colours into our plastic influenced world. Our products attract attention to both wood and clear Swedish design.

People are tired of everything in plastic and want to return to the genuine. Some people would love to have something exclusive and stylish in the office, others just care about the environment. There are many reasons why SWEDX unique products are able to fulfill your needs.

The growing dissatisfaction with plastic design, the urge to return to natural materials, the craving for more exclusive and stylish items and the care for environments - all this arguments have contributed for the continuous growing interest in the line of products offered by SWEDX. The company supplies LCD-TVs, LCD monitors, Home-theater systems, keyboards and mice embedded all in wood.

Appearance is important Uniqueness Limitless environment

"More human": SWEDX products have frequently been described as "more human" - due to the exclusive combination of natural materials, pioneering technology and artistic & timeless design.

With SWEDX natural touch comes a touch of class and perfection - where products are elegant & luxurious, modern & timeless and with a quality of containing state of the art technology and are yet simple to use. The mutual balance of design, color and shape makes the products fit with every environment.

SWEDX products are unique due to the use of wood. It is fascinating to see how such a simple concept can change an ordinary object into a tempting piece of art.

Wood has played an important role in the history of mankind. It has surrounded us in different forms and uses, bringing beauty of nature, ornamental texture and warmth into our homes. The beauty seekers want to find themselves again in the environment filled with uniqueness, charm and classical elegance. Make your house or office come alive with SWEDX products!

For those living in confined quarters, SWEDX products are ideal - they easily match office, sleeping- and living space in both modern and traditional interior - from minimalist design to antique house with old-fashioned or rural furnishing.

SWEDX has succeeded in developing products that look modern and classic antique at the same time, which no plastic or metal products can achieve

Green, Greener, SWEDX

The technological development is rushing forward, sometimes at the expense of our constantly affected environment. Nowadays caring about the environment is a central priority. SWEDX aims towards a better environment and makes its products so they're 100 % recyclable, in factories with environmentally friendly certificates.

By using an all-natural, renewable, sustainable, recyclable, resource SWEDX managed to decrease and reduce all possible unnecessary energy loss and to produce some of the worlds most environmental friendly electronic products. Just by watching TV with a SWEDX LCD you're actually making an effort to save our heavily affected planet.

With the introduction of our new line of LCD-series, the CAMO series, we officially and proudly announce that SWEDX's teams have managed to design, develop and finally produce the worlds most environment friendly LCD-TV - EVER. The raw-material used for the CAMO series is actually the most environmental friendly wooden resource available today.

More to come:

The new line of LCD-series "CAMO", the latest member of the LCD fleet may be one of our best developed yet. Disregarding from it's the world's most environmental friendly electronic product, and that it contains on of the latest LCD-panels engineers and technicians managed to accomplish, the CAMO still have several great futures. It's a chameleon. With the SWEDX CAMO you're actually able to change your TV:s appearance, to either give a nice contrast, or camouflage your TV with the rest of the surroundings. And the best part with this all new future is its simplicity. You can change the color/wooden front frame after front frame within second, thanks to the patented method of using built-in magnets. But there's even more, because with the CAMO series come accessories such as speakers and stands that also have changeable colors/wooden fronts to fit your desire!

SWEDX develops continuously new products such as LCD-TV sets, TV-Boxes, TV-stands, speakers, wireless mice and keyboards all in wood to satisfy every taste. More products are to come and in a wide range of different wood types and colors

Welcome To a New World, a world on your terms.

SWEDX products are a part of a wonderful world and perhaps a perfect one. A world filled with more life, beauty and feelings. SWEDX is a unique company producing products of natural character using natural recyclable material. A world where design, choice, outlook, accessories, price are all on your terms.

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